Redemption Bible Church’s story is still being written, and we invite you to come help us write it!

In the spring of 2013, the elders of Trinity Bible Church of Richardson, Texas felt that God was leading their congregation to plant a new church in the north Collin county area.


With a long history of establishing and strengthening churches around the globe, their plan was to now birth a new community of faith closer to home that would come alongside others to help them begin and mature in a relationship with Jesus Christ through an emphasis on strong biblical teaching and faithful relationships.


To that end, they called long-time member David Kieffer and his family to lead this new church.


On January 1, 2014, David closed the door on a twenty-year career in the financial services industry and entered full-time vocational ministry. He spent the next several months gathering a wonderful and vibrant group of Christ-followers from the membership of TBC itself.


This diverse body of believers comes from all walks of life and shares a passion for Christ and for one another. In September, 2014, we took a step of faith together to leave our comfortable church home and build a new community of faith—Redemption Bible Church.

I know what you’re thinking:
“Why start another church in Collin County?”


And you’re right…there are already lots of great churches in the area.

Some have been here for a while. Others are brand new.

But RBC has a unique vision: Christians equipping other Christians.

We believe every Christian is called by God to a lifetime of ministry whether you are an engineer, stay-at-home parent, artist, or construction worker. The Church’s job is to equip one another to live out their calling in accordance with their gifts and talents.

As a church that strives to equip disciples, we want to see the bulk of the work of ministry done by the people, not by the pastors.

  • We want to see members of our family practicing ministry “without a license.”
  • We want to see our families blessing their community, changing it from the inside out.
  • We want to see people emphasized over programs.

What is an equipping church?

Equipping begins on Sunday morning as we gather to practice the Christian life together. Our worship service is primarily designed with the believer in mind, and what happens during our worship service is a microcosm of what Christians do throughout the week.

  • We pray together on Sunday morning as practice for praying individually during the week.
  • We praise our Lord publicly to prepare us to praise Him in private.
  • We study His Word book-by-book as one body to guide our members in their own study.

It’s not enough to be a “consumer” of the Gospel. We want to be consumed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our next phase…

We want to birth a network of home-based small groups. But we don’t want to see our home groups exist as just another Bible study. We want to see them become missional. We want to “ordain” home groups, publicly sending them out to bless their community..

Imagine what could happen if a home group…

  • volunteered at a homeless shelter or organized a food drive…
  • invited their unchurched neighbors to join them…
  • journeyed together for a short-term mission trip…

Two things are needed to see this vision become reality:

Time and People.

As pastor of Redemption Bible Church, I have the time…but I don’t have you.

If you are looking for a church home, or if God is leading you in new directions, maybe RBC is the place for you.