Redemption Bible Church | RBC - Values
Growing church in Northern Collin County
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What We Value

We value corporate and personal prayer

Prayer is fundamental and indispensable in all ministries and events.

We value teaching and applying the Word of God

The accurate teaching and relevant application of scripture is a focus at all levels of ministry.

We value lifestyles of worship

God values authentic worship which is His right. Biblical worship involves glorifying God by giving back to Him of our time, talents and treasures.

We value equipping believers

Spiritual growth, love for Christ and love for each other drives our ministry training and resources. Assessment of spiritual gifts and ministry passions is crucial for every member. The correct placement thereof within the body brings fulfillment and meaning in life.

We value outreach to our local and global communitites

All persons are warmly received and invited to participate in the mission of the church, beginning locally and extending around the world.

We value quality Biblical relationships

These are essential lifelines for a healthy, spiritually-alive community of believers.

We value Godly leadership

Their bond with Christ foremost and their bond in unity is a model for the body.

We value giving glory to God through excellence

There is an expectation that both ministry and relationships are done well. This will bring glory to God.